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In BG Cinemas from June 3 - Part 2 - Lora, Kung Fu Panda 2

Лора от сутрин до вечер / Lora From Morning Till Evening - Bulgaria - A paradox, ladies and gentlemen! It starts with the logo of bTV, it's Bulgarian and I loved it! And it's definitely the best Bulgarian movie of the last year, though the much hyped Podslon may have something to say next week. But let's elaborate a little on Lora now. Unlike most of the Bulgarian titles lately, the film concentrates on a simple albeit quite absurd story and most crucially doesn't take itself too seriously. By deciding to skip any philosophical preaching and focusing on a tiny little cast with not many familiar faces (there are no Baharov brothers and any Ljubo Nejkovs, thank the movie gods), director Dimitar Kocev - Shosho has given us pure entertainment. Next to its comic elements, breezy action moments, memorable supporting cast (the all-inquiring neighbour is fantastic) and sharp script, Lora From Morning Till Evening surprises most of all with its simplicity. Oh, and the fact that singer-turned-actor Milenita is not a theatre actress definitely helps. She may not have the best acting chops but at least looks natural. And last, but not least, it's such a delight to watch a movie without feeling all the time that you are sitting through a long (KFC/Nedelya) commercial! If our film makers manage to come out with three or four films such as this flick per year, Bulgarian cinema is gonna be on the right path. And maybe, just maybe, a true masterpiece is waiting around the corner. (Spotlight) ****

Кунг фу панда 2 / Kung Fu Panda 2 - Let's be clear from the start - a movie which has as antagonist a peacock with a destructive mind, called Lord Shen, could have never been a mistake! Add to the mix a hero who is a cute cuddly panda, adoring noodles and kung fu but still pondering about his origins, and we have one of the best sequels this year. After last week the wolf pack shocked us all with its troubles in Bangkok, now it's time for the kung fu warriors to return with a real kick. And, having in mind the great action choreography, what a kick it is! You're gonna watch fights in which everything comes into use - paws, tails, feathers, you name it... In the second instalment of Kung Fu Panda, Po and his loyal friends will not only face the aforementioned bird with an agenda but our hero will also have to deal with the fact that his father, the goose, is actually not his parent... Ooops! Sorry for the spoiler... The animation is once again perfect, this time enhanced in 3D, while the voice cast is ... it's actually great names dubbed by nobody-cares-who-you-are Bulgarian talent. Anyway, despite the aforementioned slight hurdle, at the end Kung Fu Panda 2 is a rewarding experience. Your children will love it, while you may feel a little bit nostalgic for the old dusty VHSs (illegal of course) with Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. (Forum Film) ****

This week previews:
X:Men - The First Class - A solid proof while the X:Men universe is so much better than the Avengers one. ****1/2

MISSED OPPORTUNITY - Prom & Bridesmaids - Expect a separate feature next week. We are gonna deal with this crime soon...

The ratings:
***** Perfect
**** Unmissable
*** Fun
** So-so
* Stay away

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