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BG Boxoffice Update - Weekend 27-29 May

How much BO in Bulgaria!?@?!
A second week on top of the Bulgarian boxoffice for the pirates, who capture BGN 193,479 for the weekend, bringing their total treasure to the quite impressive BGN 1,040,603 for just 12 days. And as people are recommending it, it's a safe bet that the movie is sailing towards the two million leva barrier. This week's drop of 68% may seem steep, but we should also have in mind that the previous weekend actually consisted of five days so no direct comparisons can be drawn. 

Smashed by the power of Jack Sparrow and Barbossa, the only new entry of the week has to settle for the second place with BGN 79,393. The movie in question is the excellent (yeah, I'm aware of the Rottentomatoes rating) second part of The Hangover. The first adventures of the wolf pack scored BGN 88,870 in their debut two years ago. Any comparison however would be tough as I'm not sure whether the results of The Hangover Part I did not include preview screenings as back then there was no separate calculation of these figures. Anyway, the first part finished with a total of USD 217,000. Oh, and we should also not forget that first time around the party goers had no competition, with only Terminator: Salvation a major player in the Bulgarian cinemas then but had been already two-weeks old when The Hangover arrived.

Going back to the present, a special mentioning to Fast Five and Rio, the latter closer to the one million leva threshold, the first still with some catching up ahead of it. 

The only film to step out of the top ten this week is The Lincoln Lawyer. The praised by the critics court thriller is about to finish its cinema run with around BGN 100,000, which, let's say it, is not at all that bad for an independent movie with zero promotion and not so popular stars in it (McConaughey fans, pleased don't get mad...). 

Compared to my last week projection, The Hangover Part II finished below my BGN 120,000 forecast.

Next weekend projections:

The Tree of Life - BGN 35,000 (including previews)
Kung Fu Panda 2 - BGN 160,000 (including previews)
Lora From Morning To Evening - BGN 20,000 (if any figures are released at all)

(1 BGN =  USD 0.74/EUR 0.51)

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