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In BG Cinemas from June 17

Супер 8/Super 8 - Let's set the matter clear at the very beginning - Super 8 is an old-fashioned movie, not only starring teenagers but targeting in its core the younger audience. If you, by any chance, have been unlucky to lose your inner child long time ago, just stay away, go and watch Fist Five again. However, if the idea to witness a type of filmmaking forgotten at some moment in the past doesn't bother you, you're welcome. Super 8 is your definite summer movie experience. Just flow with the stream of nostalgia. The film is warm, boasts a monstrous heart, relies on an intriguing and, most crucially of all, a thrilling story, and even can scare some of you. In other words, it is all the latest Pirates of the Caribbean flick couldn't be.

I don't wanna take the spoiler path, especially if you are spared by the intrusive marketing campaigns of Paramount, but all you need to know is that Super 8 is set in the end-70s, when the sight of a walk-man was considered a miracle and when kids enjoyed themselves not in front of the PCs but by strolling around or if they were fortunate enough by playing with their families' video cameras. Needless to say, all this tranquillity is soon to be crashed by something never seen before and things are gonna get a little messy. It's not that there are many surprises story-wise, it's less Lost more Star Trek, but still JJ Abrams shows why he is a director at top of his game now, who, learning from his pal Steven Spielberg (on producer duties here), has managed to deliver a simple story with a real class. (Forum Film) ****

Нещо назаем/Something Borrowed - It's one of those cases when the title says it all. The problem with this little movie is that it not only borrows one or two things but has taken from all well-known romantic comedies with full hands. Strangely, though, it's not a disaster, not a complete one, at least. The cast does their best and it helps that Kate Hudson (don't wanna say she's overrated, but can be a real burden for any movie) has taken the role of the selfish best friend, which definitely suits her well. Ginnifer Goodwin, the main character, is cute but forgettable the moment you leave the cinema, while the male cast -- John Krasinski and Colin Egglesfield, do nothing more to model in front of the camera with the latest designer shirts out there. The film also suffers from some narrative issues, stemming from the fact that it's based on a novel, and at one moment starts to drag for so long that the pointless scenes (and believe me there are numerous) will poke you in the eye. Those seeking empty-minded fun in the hot summer nights, especially on a date which to keep them busy during the boring stuff, will enjoy it but you'd better wait for Bad Teacher next weekend... (A+) **

Напускам те / Partir (Leaving) (France, limited) - It's French, it stars Kristin Scott Thomas and has a rating of 6.3 on IMDB. So for fans of French art films only ... (Van "no press screenings" Kris) *** 
The ratings:
***** Perfect
**** Unmissable
*** Fine
** So-so
* Stay away

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