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BG Boxoffice Update - Weekend 3-5 June

Storming the BO the kung fu style
The reign of the pirates over the Bulgarian boxoffice has come to an end with the arrival of Po and his friends. The Panda gang managed to kick off Jack Sparrow and co. from the summit and to rule the weekend with BGN 128,267, or a total of BGN 188,167 including previews. Bulgarians love 3D animation, it's a universal truth and in comparison Rio made BGN 197,016 in its debut in April, but without having the privilege to be played with preview screenings. The first Kung Fu Panda finished its run with a total of USD 219,976 during the long forgotten (Prooptiki) time.

This weekend Pirates 4 retreats with a decrease of 35% to #2, but with a total of BGN 1.4m on its account has already turned into the biggest Disney film on these shores. As there are no comparative figures for the past, let's just say that this record is only for the latest so-called multiplex era in the Bulgarian cinema distribution. 

I was 100% certain that the good word-of-mouth will keep The Hangover Part II afloat as the wolf pack registers a minor 14% fall this weekend and already has the more-than-respectable BGN 252,793 in its bottle. 

Lured by the idea to watch Sean Penn and Brad Pitt together on the big screens many went to see The Tree Of Life this weekend. The movie bagged BGN 18,358 between Friday and Sunday and BGN 36,363 including previews. Having in mind that it's a completely arthouse movie, the result is more than welcome for its distributor. Nevertheless I can only feel sympathy to all who had to sit through the Malick flick next to people, for example мутри (thugs) and чалга принцеси (stupid chicks), who of course had no fucking idea for what they were buying a ticket... 

A position behind the aforementioned mess enters the latest Bulgarian movie which has hit our screens. Lora From Morning Till Evening is definitely a pleasant surprise for our film-making industry and to tell you a secret next weekend's The Shelter though good is definitely not so entertaining as the adventures of Lora. The latter made BGN 14,144, which unfortunately is just nothing compared to sh*tty movies such as the one with the dot in the title.

Compared to my last week projections, all new films came almost spot on. The Panda made slightly higher than my BGN 160,000 forecast, The Tree Of Life almost hit my BGN 35,000 projection and Lora was slightly lower than the expected BGN 20,000.

Next weekend projections:

X:Men - First Class -  BGN 140,000, including previews
The Shelter - BGN 35,000
Dead Awake - BGN 5,000

(BGN 1 = USD 0.75 = EUR 0.51)

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