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In BG Cinemas from June 24

Палавата класна / Bad Teacher - Just look at the premise - Cameron Diaz plays a teacher whose only joy is to get drunk and stoned rather to pour education in the children heads. Moreover, she has a simple dream - to raise money for new tits and thus to impress Justin Timberlake. Find this appalling? Go watch The Tree of Life again then! Find this ridiculous? Go buy a ticket immediately as, believe me, this Diaz vehicle is more-than-hilarious, proving once again that the R-rated comedy genre has taken the uphill after the success of The Hangover Part II and Bridesmaids.

Diaz nails the role as the title character, who shows that she is not stupid or lazy but just likes the way of life she has chosen, while Justin Timberlake really surprises as the "love interest". Best of all however is Ms Squirrel (yes, no mistakes here) who tries to be the villain of the peace with some disastrous results. It's all so absurd, that many of you will just gasp and say what the fuck - and believe me the "F" word is used with a gusto to the max. At moments, the film however loses its focus and the tone shifts down a little, which deprives the movie from its place in the four-star category. But though not magnifico, the Bad Teacher is definitely simpatico! And if the R-rated staff is your comedy piece of cake, that's the slice you should take and especially as Bridesmaids and the forthcoming Change-Up will not be distributed over here. (Alexandra) ***1/2

Колите 2 / Cars 2 - The fact that Cars is the least critically acclaimed title of Pixar makes it easier for the sequel to be better. And it is, more or less. The shifting of the focus from Radiator Springs to Japan, Italy and UK gives the movie more richness and detail. In addition, the new spy elements are quite more interesting than the themes from part one. Another difference is that this time around the story revolves not around Lightning McQueen but around his best friend Mater, who takes the central role in the sequel. And unfortunately here you'd find the problem with Cars 2 - Mater is simply, I don't know, because of the Bulgarian dubbing or just because of the way the character is written, utterly annoying. It's okay in the first 30 minutes but afterwards you just want for McQueen to show and take the rule, but this never happens... Anyway, it's a Pixar movie, which inevitably makes it of superior quality than most of the current movies in cinemas, so you should not miss it. And especially if you could bring your little son or nephew with you, they'd just love it. (Forum Film) ****

This week's previews:
Mr. Popper's Penguins - surprisingly okay children movie with Carrey and penguins - ***
Transformers 3 - five stars on the Bay meter, but will not convert any naysayers - ***1/2

The ratings:
***** Perfect
**** Unmissable
*** Fine
** So-so
* Stay away

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