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German chart comments - Issue date - 24.06.2011

"The Party Rock Anthem" of LMFAO seems locked down at #1 this week, for a second time in a row. Making a third week on the top, however, would be quite a feat for the guys, in view of the increasing competition from Alexandra Stan, whose "Mr. Saxobeat" rises to #2 from #4.

Video - LMFAO
Video - Stan 

Boosted by a performance on the finale of Germany's Next Topmodel, "The Edge of Glory", Lady Gaga's third proper single from her second album soars to #7 from #37. Perhaps the flop of previous single "Judas" to even enter the top 20 is already behind her? I personally expect, now, with a video, "The Edge of Glory" to have quite a decent run in the top 10 in Germany over the next weeks. The song is Gaga's ninth single, out of ten, to reach the top 10 in the country.
Also supported by an appearance on Germany's Next Topmodel, Keri Hilson comes back to the German top 20 with "Pretty Girl Rock" at #14. Last time around miss Hilson topped the chart with her single "I Like", which was used in a local Till Schweiger movie. That once again shows how important the good promotion for a song placement is.

The second new entry comes from British superband Coldplay, who bring their energizing new single "Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall" at #28. Maybe the lack of a video will stop the great song to reach other heights, or even enter the top 10 as "Violet Hill" and "Viva La Vida" did before it. 
The only other activity worth noting in the top 50 is the #28-#24 rise of Natasha Bedinfield's "Pocketful of Sunshine", which is steadily turning into one of the summer hits in Germany despite actually several years old. 
The other new entries with videos (just watch how Lafee and DSDS's 2010 winner flop (for now at least) massively):

#60 - Anna-Maria Zimmermann - 100.000 leuchtende Sterne
#80 - Lafee - Ich bin
#85 - Mehrzad Marashi - Beautiful World
#88 - Rob & Chris - Eskalation

The Album Chart

Despite that he is fading quickly in the singles chart (this week down to #13), Pietro Lombardi sticks to the number one in the albums for a third consecutive week. The highest new entry belongs to local punk band Broilers at #2. "Harter Weg", the pilot single from the "Santa Muerte" album, entered the singles countdown at #41 before vanishing completely in the following week.
New entries in the LP top 20 also by supergroup Black Country Communion and "2" at #7, while Thomas Anders and Fahrenkrog bring their collaborative album, also called "Two", at #11. 

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