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In BG Cinemas from July 8

Лари Краун / Larry Crowne - It was not long ago when an A-list star could carry a film on his/her own and make it a huge boxoffice and even a critical hit. But how times have changed in just a blink. Look at Larry Crowne, the only new movie to hit our screens this week (which leaves a lot of work for the Missed Opportunities section, but that's another topic). So here comes the film, which has not one but two major Hollywood players in the face of Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. And at the end the film was a commercial flop, and couldn't manage to impress the critics either... So what has gone wrong? First it's the story - sweet but naive, charming but witless and lacking, as they say it, a bite. A crucial social problem, i.e. unemployment, is handled too easily, which would have been okay, if Tom Hanks, who happens to be the director of the piece, has decided to put some (Juno-like) irony or some real depth in his character. However, he chooses to focus more on the sideline actors, and while some of them are good (TV comedy fans will especially enjoy two of the second-tier personalities), others such as Cedrick The Entertainer and his wife are just useless. Still, the addition of George Takei as a professor on economy is just a marvel to behold. Julia Roberts looks fine in the second core role, but though there are shades of Bad Teacher in her, nothing more lies behind her motivations and what, apart from alcohol, have managed to make her change herself after the encounter with Tom Hanks is difficult to fathom out. At the end though, it's not a bad film, neither it is great. If you are among the few who go and watch it on the big screen (and if you are above 30 years old), you'll probably feel excellent while watching it. Nevertheless, the moment you step out of the cinema hall, you'll just miss your 3D glasses...(A+) ***

This week's previews (from Wednesday)
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 - It all ends with five stars! *****

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***** Perfect
**** Unmissable
*** Fine
** So-so
* Stay away

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