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German chart comments - Issue date - 8.07.2011

It was expected as early as last week, but the resurging interest in Jennifer Lopez's "On The Floor" had prevented then Alexandra Stan to reach the summit in Germany. Now, all is settled and done as the Romanian beauty rises #3-#1 to claim the crown. Following O-Zone's mega-success in 2004 (yes, they are actually from Moldova), now the honour goes to Stan to justify the statement that Romanians have advanced considerably in their music industry. Her success comes after last year Edward Maya scored one of the hits of the summer with "Stereo Love" and is also hot on the heels of Inna, who has conquered UK and other parts of Europe, though still lacks a top 20 in Germany.

Down in the top 10 two peaks worth mentioning - at #6 Lady Gaga's "Edge Of Glory" advances a position, proving my assumption that it's gonna be a hit and at #7 Tim Bendzko's "Nur noch kurz die Welt retten" rises from #9.

The highest new entry of the week comes from superstar Rihanna. "California King Bed" is the fourth single taken from her current album and by entering at #9 it becomes the 16th!!! top ten song of the singer in Germany. An achievement surpassed only by Britney Spears and Madonna in terms of solo female power.

Only ten days ago the music TV channels welcomed the fact that David Guetta was ready with the video for his "Where Them Girls At" (this week down to #20) and that they can actually rotate the hit, which peaked at #5 without any real promotion. Now, however, the record company decides to release in a rush a second single from the latest, still to come out, album of the French DJ. Thus, Guetta's collaboration with Taio Cruz & Ludacris "Little Bad Girl" enters new at #11. Should I say that it has no video?

After last week we had only four new entries in the entire top 100, this time around there are eight in the top 50 alone.

Jason Derülo, the current king of the UK charts, brings in the pilot single of his second album at #14. "Whatcha Say" and "In My Head", the first two offerings from Jason's debut LP reached the top 10, a feat which "Don't Wanna Go Home" will have to match in the weeks to come.

Four positions beneath Derulo enters the latest discovery from Deutschland sucht den Superstar. Sebastian Wurth ranked fifth in the final for 2011 but that didn't stop him and his producers from releasing a single - a move which turns successful as Sebastian now has a top 20 single on his account. Only time will tell whether he really is the German Justin Bieber. 

Expectedly, Don Omar's summer smash "Danza Kuduro" soars 19 positions this week and enters the top 20 for the first time at #19. The summer vibe is really up to the maximum.

At #22 Katy Perry arrives with the fifth single of her second album, already a home of four top ten singles. "Last Friday Night", and especially its video, is a welcome addition to the charts, though for now (understandably) being outside the top 20.

If you by now haven't noticed that DJ Antoine's "Welcome To St. Tropez" is slowly climbing towards the top 20 over the past few months, you probably haven't paid much attention. The dance anthem rises this week to #24.

Ending their remarkable top-10 series of singles The Black Eyed Peas enter this week at #28 with "Don't Stop The Party". The party may have not stopped but this is the second song of BEP to miss the top 20 in their Fergie years. The other one was last year's "Imma Be", which reached #49.

At #38 there is a return to the charts for ex-Spice girl Melanie C. "Rock Me" comes four years after "This Time" stalled at #69. And let's not forget that unlike her native UK, Melanie is much loved in Germany, where it had a number one hit in the face of "First Day of My Life" in 2005.

Two more new entries in the top 100:

#42 Pigeon John - The Bomb

#78 Brandyn Hwood Bordeaux - Could It Be You

The Album Chart
The changes atop the album chart may have shocked many but the truth is that rock fans and teenage girls should not be underestimate. I'm speaking of course for the fact that Limp Bizkit's newest album "Gold Cobra" shoots directly at the top, while Sarah Engels' debut "Heartbeat" follows close behind. The problem is that the much anticipated and heralded album of Beyonce "4" enters as low as #5. Actually we shouldn't be so surprised as the facts are that in Germany there was nothing to support the release of her latest album - a proper and good single I mean...
At the same time last week's #1 - In Flames' "Sounds Of A Playground Fading" collapsed to #12 this time around.

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