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Putting a bullet in BG cinema distribution
!UPDATE! - The Change-Up and Crazy Stupid Love will be actually released in Bulgaria. Fingers crossed that the distributors will soon make features like this one useless. And let's hope that everything is okay in the Universe now ;)

So, unfortunately, the series of cancelled cinema distributions in Bulgaria continues at a full speed and will even accelerate in the next months. And for people like me, who hate downloading movies illegally or worse watch them on the small screens, this trend continues to be extremely irritating. Add the small number of actual premieres, and you'll see that instead of going forward the business here is going backwards, albeit the increased ticket sales...

Hanna - After several delays in the Bulgarian premiere schedule, one of the best reviewed movies this year has taken the WC road. It comes from director Joe Wright, whose excellent Pride & Prejudice and the now classic Atonement were released here (thanks Sunny & Prooptiki for that, they were Universal titles and in the current situation would have never been released in Bulgarian cinemas). His previous title Soloist suffered bad decisions at its studio and did not reach our shores (thanks Prooptiki for that) and now it's time for his latest to be also stuck in the closet. Hanna, which for sure would have insulted the more fainted hearts, tells the story of a girl assassin, chased by the merciless Cate Blanchett. Apart from her, the remaining cast is definitely solid stuff - Saoirse Ronan, Eric Bana... The trailer really kicks ass and just imagine how it would all have looked in the cinema hall... Several months ago I wrote that Hanna would not be released here, despite all promises of the distributor. I just hate to be right for these things... ("Distributor" in Bulgaria - Alexandra)

Monte Carlo - Let's be clear here - I know that this Selena Gomez flick would have sucked - it looks like a mesh-up of the bad Disney days when Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan were considered stars, but go and explain this to the little girls out there. Shouldn't they deserve a movie with their teen idol? And who has even thought of putting posters of Monte Carlo in the cinemas. This movie never actually stood the chance of getting distribution here...("Distributor" in Bulgaria - Alexandra)

The Change-Up - Oh, here comes my favourite studio in Hollywood. If you read my blog from time to time, you'll know at whose logo I'm looking right now... Another month, another Universal title cancelled... The fact that it stars Ryan Reynolds, Jason Bateman, Olivia Wilde and Leslie Mann doesn't convince the studio and its distributor in Bulgaria that it has to be released here. And yes, it's another R-rated comedy which will be available only on the Internet, just after Your Highness, Paul, Bridesmaids... I've never thought that I'm gonna miss Sunny or Prooptiki...("Distributor" in Bulgaria - Forum Film)

Expect soon features on the 99%-certain cancellation of the cinema distribution of Hoodwinked 2, The Thing, Wanderlast and even Crazy Stupid Love... The list is piling up!

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