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In BG Cinemas from May 13

Свещеникът / The Priest 3D - Having skipped last-year turkey The Legion (everyone, even the die-hard genre fans say it's awful) and having read that director Scott Charles Stewart pledged to have learned his lesson with his second Paul Bettany collaboration, I expected at least a 90-minute thrilling adventure with The Priest. And how wrong I was. This new take on the vampire genre starts well - every admirer of True Blood will scream with joy seeing Mr. Bill Compton on the other side, this time as a victim of the vampires, but this early five minutes quickly turn into a dull mixture of an already observed stuff, including Van Helsing (it was at least fun, despite all naysayers), Equilibrium (a considerably underrated Christian Bale flick) and many direct-to-DVD titles. But instead taking the best of these films and bring us a coherent and interesting story, Stewart has opted for predictability, while the work of his cast gives no help at all. Paul Bettany strives to make the role of a priest warrior his own and Maggie Q tries to kick some ass with a serious facial expression. At the same time Cam Gigandet once again proves he can only grace magazine covers but cannot act, while Karl Urban's villain has a true shining moment during an attack of an innocent city but offers nothing remembering at the end. Visually, there are no ground-breaking effects and to remove all human from the vampires (yes, I know it's a comic) definitely doesn't help. These vampires are so CGI heavy, that the only thing they can do is to yell (several times in a row!!!) at the camera, just to show how threatening they are. I don't know what is next for the director, but a clear shift in genre (or why not a new job path!) would be a clever decision. (Alexandra) *1/2

Вода за слонове / Water for Elephants - Some weeks ago, all signals were that this adaptation of the famous novel of the same name would miss our screens. Nevertheless, thanks to the Fox distributor, not only we can adore this marvellous story in its full cinema glory but we'll see it almost two months in advance than previously planned. Delivering great visuals, Water For Elephants is definitely a movie destined to be watched on the big screen. In fact, the film, with its astonishing cinematography and, most of all, its true-hard-to-believe and it-only-can-happen-at-the-movies kind of love story is so old fashioned that you can almost sense the smell of the long gone local district cinema. For many of the current cinema goers, this would be a strong negative factor, for others, including me, this would be the basis where the movie charm can be found. As for the cast, it is certain that all haters of Mr. Pattinson will mock at his work but guys, please, give yourself a break! At the same time Reese Witherspoon will win many admirers with her scanty clothes and fabulous looks. The cherry of the cake, however, for yet another movie, is Christoph Waltz, who invests passion, love, anger and hatred in his character, making the role among his best ones. (Alexandra) ***1/2

Турнето / Turneja (The Tour) - Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia (Limited) - Fans of Balkan cinema will be more than happy that this 2008 movie of director Goran Markovic finally sees the light of the cinema hall in Bulgaria. The story of a group of actors endeavouring a tour in war-hit Bosnia and Herzegovina will not remain among Serbia's best but still offers the typical for the region dose of humour, some good performances and an intriguing script. (ProFilms) *** 

MISSED OPPORTUNITY - Jumping the Broom - Although the title is currently scheduled for a release in Bulgaria in September, it's a 100% certain bet that this comedy will not get a cinema distribution here. After last year's Death at a Funeral was cancelled at the last minute, it's obvious that movies targeting the Afro American audience have zero chance in countries such as ours. And though I understand the motives of the distributor, this wedding comedy would have been a fresh air amid the inevitable dropping of the much superior Bridesmaids. The latter is for now scheduled for a July release in Bulgaria, but we all know what is happening with the Universal titles on these shores. C'mon, FF prove me wrong this time! (Responsible Alexandra)
The ratings:
***** Perfect
**** Unmissable
*** Fun
** So-so
* Stay away

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