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New on DVD/Blu-Ray in Bulgaria in April 2011

Although no one cares about the legal DVD market in Bulgaria, there are still two companies which albeit all difficulties continue to release DVDs and Blu-rays in our precious country. To honour the efforts of A+ and Tandem to still be on the market, I've decided to start a monthly review on all new/old titles which can be found in the few stores for DVDs in Bulgaria. As you can see from the list below only titles of Buena Vista, 20th Century Fox and Universal are currently released on these shores, as well as some independent ones. Nevertheless, something tells me that the situation will improve soon...

Premieres on DVD/Blu-Ray

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader - Better than the second one, it's Narnia back on its feet ***1/2
Tron: Legacy 3D - The story doesn't get better at home, but at least the 3D (too pricey!) version will be perfect for your new home cinema set ***1/2
Tangled - Among the best Disney princess movies, your children will watch it all over again and you'll have troubles stop laughing ****1/2

New on Blu-Ray
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - Witness the movie that made Sean Connery finally quit acting in a glorious high def quality. Or better stay away! **
Eragon - A pity attempt to repeat the HP phenomenon, it's one of the worst fantasy adaptations ever! *
Speed - An action classic, compulsory for every film geek *****
Sunshine - One of the weirder Danny Boyle movies, but still a thrilling experience ****
Behind Enemy Lines - Don't let this cross your home lines **
Night Watch/Day Watch - An excellent attempt for Russians to go fantasy, just wish the #3 to come out soon ****
Horton Hears a Who! - It's not Ice Age or even Rio, but still you'll be able to listen to the original version with Carrel and Carrey *** 
The Incredibles - It's Pixar you know! *****

Premieres on DVD

Leaves of Grass - A curious little movie, in which Edward Norton plays twins ***1/2
The American - A strange Europe-flavoured Clooney movie, may be too boring for some ***1/2
Stone - The second Norton offer of the month is so pretentious, it will make you sick *1/2
The Resident - It did not get a cinema release here and maybe for a reason **

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