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BG Boxoffice Update - Weekend 20-24 May

Ho, ho, ho, the pirates have swept the Bulgarian boxoffice with an ease. Arriving straight at #1 with the jaw-dropping BGN 719,693, including two days of previews, the title has not only anchored the best debut of 2011 but its distributor was quick to announce that it is the best debut in Bulgaria ever. Looking behind the PR propaganda, which of course is quite understandable, we should mention that the weekend actually covered five days, until Tuesday, due to the local national holiday of 24 May. As in Bulgaria no one cares to give day-to-day statistics, it is difficult to judge the actual achievement of the pirates monster, but nevertheless, its results are more than impressive. Thus, the fourth instalment of the Jack Sparrow adventures will surpass in the next days the final boxoffice figure of the third one, which sailed away with a total of BGN 771,503. Comparisons, however, are still difficult as we should also count in the inflation factor as well as the 3D and IMAX 3D surcharges, but it's a sure bet that even if these are taken into account Pirates of The Caribbean 4 will be the most successful of the series in Bulgaria.

Despite a considerable hurdle in its distribution pattern, Fast Five slipped this week by a respectable 40%, boasting a total of BGN 825,206 in its three-week run. Universal should be proud! Oh, they, as Michael Jackson says it, don't care about us...

Slowly flying to the one million threshold, animated hit Rio falls by a mere 10%, with a total of BGN 938,788 so far. At #4, despite losing many screens, Thor's results only halved compared to the previous weekend and the Marvel god of thunder can congratulate himself with a result of BGN 764,090 so far.

Unexpected increase of 64% was achieved this week by Love.Net, with this excuse for a movie boosting its account to BGN 1,241,260. Oh, and we can all be sure that the much superior Lora Ot Sutin Do Vecher (Lora From Morning Till Evening), which arrives in two weeks will be a flop...

This weekend, the fans of Robert Pattinson should celebrate as Water For Elephants seems to have found its audience and rose by 43% in its second week on our screens.

The only film to leave the top ten is The Sammy Adventures, which with almost BGN 70,000 leva can be considered a success having in mind it is an European old extremely unknown title. 

As I forgot to take into account the long weekend when I made my projections a week ago, no real comparisons with my forecasts can be made.

Next weekend projections:
Hangover Part II - BGN 120,000

(1 BGN =  USD 0.73/EUR 0.51)

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