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German chart comments - Issue date - 20.05.2011

The reign of Jennifer Lopez over the German singles market has come to an end with the arrival of the latest winner of the Deutschland sucht den Superstar (DSDS, or the German music idol). Pietro Lombardi is the next "superstar" to come out of the Dieter Bohlen's talent searching show and has as almost all of his predecessors taken his debut single "Call My Name" directly to the top. Exactly a year ago Mehrzad Marashi did the same with "Don't Believe" before quickly disappearing from the chart radar. In fact, despite strong first singles, the DSDS show, though now in its eight edition, has brought only two stars with a proper chart career - Alexander Klaws and Mark Medlock.

Though, the debut of Pietro at #1 is nothing new, the new entry at #2 definitely makes chart history, as DSDS's runner-up Sarah Engels takes the silver medal with her take on the same song. I've never heard that to have happened so far in the chart, but maybe there were similar cases in the past.

Thus, following a five-week stay at the top, J.Lo. has to retreat to #3. 

At #4 and #5 we have another double, this time belonging to superstar DJ David Guetta, whose take on Snoop Dogg's "Sweat" falls to #4 but his new single, a collaboration with Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj, comes new at #5. "Where Dem Girls At" is the pilot single of Guetta's new album and once again sees him collaborating with Flo Rida. Their last single together -- was a massive hit in Germany, peaking at #4 and standing in the top 20 for ages. 

Further down the top 20, the only chart movement worth mentioning is the three-position jump of Jupiter Jones, whose "Still", one of the definitive slow-burners this season, makes another peak.

Following last week's new entry at #26 (this week down to #32) of Inna's "Sun Is Up", another Romanian star enters the German chart in the mid-twenties. The honour goes to Alexandra Stan, whose debut single "Mr. Saxobeat" comes new at #27.

After the massive success of Wiz Khalifa in the USA and UK, the German audience seems not so impressed as "Black & Yellow" has a late new entry at #31.

Another new entry at #34. It comes from Natasha Bedingfield with the 2011 release of "Pocketful of Sunshine". The song, despite featuring in the album of the same name from 2008 (the LP was not released in Germany), will be also the lead single of Natasha's "Strip Me Away" album. 

And last but not least, let's not omit the #35 peak of "Welcome To St. Tropez" of DJ Antoine. Perhaps the top 30 is the next threshold before the dance smash?

And the rest new entries with videos:

#64 Bob Sinclar feat. Raffaela Carra - Far l'amore - a great track from the French DJ and a shamefully low placing...

#76 Michelle & Matthias Reim - Idiot (2011)

#86 WhoCares - Out Of My Mind 

#87 Frei.Wild - Weil du mich nur verarscht hast 

#91 Darius & Finlay feat. Tibration - She's A Freak

#93 Herbert Grönemeyer -  Fernweh - What a flop despite being better than "Schiffsverkehr" by a mile...

The Album Chart 

The album chart is reigned this week by the rock veterans of AC/DC and their latest DVD "Live At River Plate". It marks the fourth number one of the band in Germany, with all number-one albums of AC/DC being released in the new millennium. New entries in the top ten also by rapper Favorite with "Christoph Alex" at #4 and by Laith Al-Deen with "Der letzte Deiner Art" at #5. 

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