петък, 29 април 2011 г.

In BG Cinemas from April 29

Тор: Богът на гръмотевиците / Thor - The 2011 summer blockbuster season is officially kicked off with the latest Marvel creation hitting our screens. With a relative unknown in the title role and a director more famous for its Shakespeare flics, Thor has a lot to prove and thankfully more or less has turned into a satisfactory and thrilling experience. Apart from the brilliant turn from Chris Hemsworth in the lead, the movie has to congratulate itself with one of the most intriguing villains lately (who will return in the Avengers!!!), which clearly shows the ability of Branagh to invest in his characters. In addition, the visuals, especially in Thor's world, are splendid and the effects are meticulously done, while the irony and humour are more than welcome. On the negative side perhaps, a greater attention to Thor's sidekicks should have been of a plus for the film, while Natalie Portman doesn't have to stretch much her acting abilities. The biggest flaw for me however was Anthony Hopkins, whose acting lately has become a burden for me. Nevertheless, Thor succeeds in continuing the Avengers mythology (there are many hints, a great introduction of one of the lesser Avengers and a splendid Stark-related line) and also does a terrific job of introducing the God of thunder. And despite not a flawless movie, at the end you will really want more, either via The Avengers in 2012 or the inevitable part 2 in the near future. (Forum Film) ***1/2

Kонцертът/Le Concert (Limited) - A late edition to the cinema programme, this French jewel finally has its premiere in Bulgaria. The goers to the two arthouse cinemas in Sofia will adore it, the others will probably never hear of it. Nevertheless, this is a charming movie that is quite worth checking out. (Radivision - probably) ***1/2


MISSED OPPORTUNITY - As for the time being there are no more major BG distribution cancellation announcements, apart from Arthur ( Prom, Hannah & Water for Elephants - you'll be next!), I have to check in the more limited release schedule in the USA to find something worth mentioning in this section. So, welcome Dylan Dog: Dead of Night, a story of the first investigator of the crimes of the dead played by former Superman Brandon Routh. It is more than certain that the tiny budget has resulted in "so so" effects but the trailer at least shows that the movie will be injected with a significant dose of humour and would have been a good addition to the already quite empty May release schedule in Bulgaria. (Responsible - Every distributor you can think of)

The ratings:
***** Perfect
**** Unmissable
*** Fun
** So-so
* Stay away

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