петък, 15 април 2011 г.

In BG Cinemas from April 15

Писък 4 / Scream 4 - The few of you who are regular visitors to my humble blog know that I'm not among the biggest admirers of the slasher genre. So, you should not be surprised that deliberately I skipped the screening of Scream 4. As a good blogger though I sent a spy in the cinema hall who said that the movie is worth it. It has surprised him, and believe me he is a seasoned movie fan, and even the script and the dialogue were great. Of course, the film was never going to surpass the quality of the first movie but at least it builds on #2 and #3. Some critics abroad seem to disagree but nevertheless I'm gonna recommend it to all horror fans out there - go and scream for more! (Forum Film) *** 1/2

Адел и проклятието на пирамидите / The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sac - France - More than five years after his last proper movie, Luc Besson has, at least for now, ceased pouring over the innocent viewers his awful Arthur movies and has returned to what he does best. And surprisingly Adele is a real return to form. The film, based on a popular French comic, is fresh and funny and for a change has a true heroine in its heart. Yes, Adele is not Lara Croft but she has the wit of Indiana Jones and the spirit of a young girl. And she rides a pterodactyl! Eat this Mr. Ford! Seek it, but don't take it too seriously. (A+) *** 

Ако искам да свиря, аз свиря / Eu cand vreau sa fluier, fluier - Romania (Limited) - If you have watched the brilliant 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days, you'll know what to expect - a small movie but with a huge impact. Once you enter the cinema, you should forget all Hollywood (or even French) glory as the brutality of Romania's real life hits you with a strong punch. The story of a prisoner somewhere near Braila, who is desperate to protect his younger brother from having the same fate as his, is so frustratingly human that you'd only root for the characters. It gives you no easy answers, even no full explanation on the protagonist's past, but you will not care. Fans of European cinema are for a real treat with this one. (Art Fest) ****

MISSED OPPORTUNITY - The Conspirator - A controversial director and a controversial subject - do you expect any of our movie distributors to buy this? Oh, you do! Look closely then, it's after all a period drama and this is not Jason Statham with a wig and beard. No chance to see it here apart from one of the pretentious art festivals. (Responsible - Every distributor you can think of)

The ratings:
***** Perfect
**** Unmissable
*** Fun
** So-so
* Stay away

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