петък, 18 февруари 2011 г.

In BG Cinemas from Feb 18

Аз съм номер четири / I Am Number Four - Despite that it is hated by most of the critics across the ocean, I really enjoyed the latest from DJ Caruso (And I'm not among the fans of the more-than-stupid Eagle Eye). Yes, this teen/alien story has nothing new to offer, but didn't bored me for a second. The visuals and the soundtrack were great and even the story, despite predictable, was bearable. And it is by ages better than any of the Twilights. So, grab yourself a big bucket of popcorn and let the child within have a mindless two hours at the biggest screen possible... (Forum Film)

Сутрешен блок / Morning Glory - Only on demand ;) (Forum Film)

Орелът / The Eagle - Only on demand ;) (Tandem)

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