петък, 11 февруари 2011 г.

In BG Cinemas from Feb 11

Боецът / The Fighter - Definitely the best movie of the year so far, The Fighter comes hot on its seven Academy Awards nominations, and comparing it to The Social Network, I may be a minority, but it is the better one. Boosted by the extremely strong performances of Christian Bale (he will win the Oscar deservingly) and the more-than-great Amy Adams and Melissa Leo, the title may be offering at a first glance a usual story, but delivers it with such a gusto that you can only wish more movies are such exquisitely made. And we should also pay our respect to Mark Wahlberg, the Marky Mark era is long forgotten. (Tandem)

Как да разбера / How Do You Know - Despite a little messy, the latest from director James L. Brooks (As Good As It Gets) has its moments, especially because of the surprisingly rising likeability of Reese Witherspoon. The Jack Nicholson part is completely unnecessary, while Paul Rudd and Owen Wilson give their best to cope with the overcomplicated screenplay. And you should watch it just to wonder where the budget north of USD100m has gone... (Alexandra)

Мечето Йоги / Yogi Bear 3D - I don't expect from you to like movies with talking CG animals with extremely strange eyes, but anyway children will be first in line to endure this excuse of a film. It is also dubbed in Bulgarian, which makes anyone willing to pay 12 leva for it thinking twice. Kudos however to the Bulgarian actors voicing Yogi and Boo Boo, they are not Dan Aykroyd and Justin Timberlake, but still do a great job. Unfortunately this cannot be said to the people voicing the human cast... (Alexandra)

Тилт / Tilt - Bulgaria - It's Bulgarian, so I didn't waste my time (yeah, it's not very patriotic to say that), but I'm sure that the movie will find its audience. Some however say that the released two weeks ago Стъпки в пясъка is better. So select carefully... (A+)

Missed Opportunity - Justin Bieber - Never Say Never - Yes, I know it's a movie about the extremely irritating Justin Bieber, but I just wish the Hollywood studios didn't skip major titles from coming to Bulgaria. And let's not forget that it would have been much better for the young ones to watch this than the Yogi stuff released instead - (Responsible - Forum Film (maybe))

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