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Cinema releases in Bulgaria - 24 October 2014

In a peculiar twist in the Bulgarian film distribution, two movies released by independent companies will fight for the attention of more or less the same audience this weekend. Whichever wins, the audience will definitely have much to enjoy as the titles are definitely worth seeing. In addition, the latest edition of the So Independent festival will offer a small selection of US indie movies which will otherwise never seen the light (or is it the darkness?) of the cinema hall in the country. 

Riding on a wave of strong reviews and the first place in the US box office, Fury, starring Brad Pitt and telling the story of a group of soldiers and their tank stranded somewhere deep in Germany at the end of the World War II, has been on my watch list for quite some time. The cast is definitely strong, the trailers look excellent, though the former film of director David Ayer - the bloody awful Schwarzenegger vehicle Sabotage is a reason to bear something in mind. Anyway, I am particularly certain that Fury will eventually deliver. And we should also appreciate the fact that the title is the first film released by an indie distributor on the two IMAX screens in Sofia. You can also watch it on 4DX in Cinema City Paradise. (Trailer)

A Walk Among The Tombstones may have been a misfire in the US, but with reviews on the positive side and Liam Neeson looking to be in a good form (in vigilante mood of course), it may be a positive surprise. And it also features Dan "Downtown Abbey" Stevens, who should get more cinema roles. Fingers crossed, this is more Taken 1 than Taken 2. (Trailer)

This week the little ones can also enjoy German 3D animation Knight Rusty, which doesn't seem to offer anything for cinemagoers who are not in the kindergarten.  (Trailer)

As regard the So Independent fest, the films which I intend to catch up this week are: Whiplash, Foxcatcher, The Master, The Words and Joe.

The best movies currently on Bulgaria's screens:
(the ones I've watched)

1. Gone Girl *****
2. Guardians of the Galaxy *****
3. The Maze Runner ****
4. The Equalizer ***
5. The Hundred-Foot Journey ***

And the ones to be watched soon:

1. The Judge
2. Fury
3. A Walk Among The Tombstones 

Trailer of the week: - Avengers 2: The Age of Ultron (Release date: 24 April 2015)

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