петък, 22 март 2013 г.

New in Bulgarian/German cinemas from 22.03

New in Bulgarian cinemas this week:  

Jack The Giant Slayer

Love Is All You Need

Spring Breakers

New in German cinemas this week:

The Croods
(BG Status - to be released next week)

Spring Breakers
(BG Status - released surprisingly the same week)

Ask Kirmizi - Turkey

De l'autre côté du périph / On The Other Side Of The Tracks - France
(BG Status - This is Intouchables' star Omar Sy latest film and having in mind how no one cared to watch the feel good hit in Bulgaria last year, no distributor will dare to buy it.)

La migliore offerta / The Best Offer - Italy
(BG Status - Tornatore's latest with an all-star cast of Geoffrey Rush, Jim Sturgess, Donald Sutherland looks like a must see. Perhaps not in Bulgarian cinemas)

Gegenwart - Germany/Documentary

Mutlu Aile Defteri - Turkey

JC Comme Jésus Christ/JC - Play It Like Godard - France/Belgium

Kon-Tiki - Norway
(BG Status - Oscar nominated, it definitely deserved to be sought out)

Un amor - Argentina

Un plan parfait - France
(BG Status - Diane Kruger and Dany Boon seem to be having a lot of fun in this French flick)

Ostwind - Germany

Paradies: Glaube - Austria/Germany

Unter Menschen - Germany/Austria

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