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Cinema releases in Bulgaria - 7 November 2014

This week sees Interstellar and The Boxtrolls landing in Bulgaria's cinemas. Interstellar of Christopher Nolan - maybe the most prominent director these days, has been expected since Batman of Christan Bale made his last voyage. Though not all critics are convinced of the film's merits, and by the look of the trailers the movie will probably deliver more in terms of visuals and slogans, rather than in a coherent story, Interstellar would definitely be a fantastic cinema trip. Catch it only on IMAX. 

It's not so often for productions of the British Laika studio to be released in Bulgaria (previous title Paranorman was not so lucky), but from this week The Boxtrolls will enchant children and open-minded adults alike. Though the visuals are not slick enough in the way Disney make them, the film will definitely score in terms of wit, characters and story. 

Also new this week we have US indie horror Jessabelle, which seems to be a useless addition to the cinema calendar. No one is going to watch it here. At the same time Russian film The Geographer Drank His Globe Away is being released in the independent cinemas in Sofia. I managed to watch it during Sofia Film Fest and definitely recommend it. It's extremely funny and simultaneously dramatic and offers a realistic picture on contemporary Russia. On a limited release you can also see Croatia's The Priest's Children and Bulgaria's documentary The Last Black Sea Pirates. Yes, there is plenty for everyone...

The best movies currently on Bulgaria's screens:
(the ones I've watched)
1. Gone Girl *****
2. The Nightcrawler ***** (extremely topical, with a terrific turn from Jake - a movie you won't forget soon)
3. John Wick ****1/2 (excellent Keanu, a great adrenaline ride) 4. The Maze Runner **** 5. Fury ****
6. The Geographer Drank His Globe Away **** (Russia's deep province nowadays)
7. The Equalizer ***
8. Interstellar (rating soon)
9. The Boxtrolls (rating soon)
Trailer of the week: Release date - 19 December

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