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German Chart Comments - Issue Date 16.05

Traditionally, in this time of the year, the honour to crown the chart always goes to the winner of Deutschland sucht den Superstar, the casting show of one Dieter Bohlen. So, there should be no surprised as Aneta Sablik (only the third female winner in the show's relatively long history) and her winning song "The One" debut straight at #1 just a year after Beatrice Egli did the same with schlager anthem "Mein Herz". It would however be more surprising if Aneta manages to have a long-term career, which has been a task too tough for the winners of DSDS so far (with only one or two exceptions). Runner-up Meltem Acikgoez and her finale song "Explosion In My Heart" come new at #25.
Live - Aneta 
Audio - Meltem 

Thus, last week's chart topper - "Auf uns" of Andreas Bourani has to go down a notch to #2 after only a week at the number one slot. Continuing his steady rise, George Ezra has finally made it inside the top three with "Budapest", which moves up one to #3.
Video - Andreas
Video - George Izra 
The chart success of Coldplay continues unharmed as the second official single from their upcoming album "Ghost Stories" called "A Sky Full of Stars" enters at #6. It follows the #14 peak of "Magic", which is still going strong this week at #23. 

Another TV-related chart story can be found at #12 as Xavier Naidoo brings his make on Andreas Gabalier's song "Amoi Seg Ma Uns Wieder" directly in the top 20. Naidoo's performance was part of a current TV show during which famous local artists sing each others songs. Thus, the episode in which the participants had to perform Gabalier's songs turned into a huge success, triggering also the interest of Germans into the Austrian star's back catalogue. On the back of this, Gabalier's own version of "Amoi Seg Ma Uns Wieder" comes new at #18, becoming his first ever top 20 single in Germany. 
Live - Andreas 

Inside the top 20, Alle Farben's dance anthem "She Moves" moves up eight to #13, while Kiesza's global smash "Hideaway" debuts in Germany at #16.
Video - Alle Farben
Video - Kiesza 
The interest in rapper's Kollegah singles output continues to surge with the forthcoming release of his album and three of his releases "King", "Alpha" and "Aks Im Wandschrank" can be found at #19, #20 and #21, respectively.

Following his untimely death, two new songs of Michael Jackson have appeared so far in the German top 100, with "Hold My Hand" peaking at #7. Now, M J is back with the support of Justin Timberlake as the pilot track of the "Xscape" LP called "Love Never Felt So Good" enters at #28.

This week we are also witnessing "Say Something" of A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera finally managing to enter the top 40 as it soars to #36 from #93. Also on the right path is "Air Balloon" of Lily Allen, which rises thirteen to #40.
Video - A Great Big World 
Video - Lily Allen

And the other new entries this week:    

59. Lindsey Stirling ft. Liz - Shatter Me 
60. Enrique Iglesias ft. Sea - Bailando
67. Waylon Jennings - Dreaming My Dreams With You
70. Andreas Gabalier - So Liab Hob I Di
78. KC Rebell ft. Summer Cem - Hayvan
82. Andreas Gabalier - Zuckerpuppen

The Album Chart 

Schlager duo Fantasy have their best album so far as new release "Eine Nacht im Paradies" starts directly at #1. It is followed by the new entry of "Die Leichtigkeit Des Seins" of veteran Matthias Reim at #2. Also new inside the top ten are "Shatter Me" of Lindsey Stirling at #4, matching the peak of Lindsey's debut album from last year; Rea Garvey's "Pride" at #5, a place below the #4 peak of his debut solo album "Can't Stand the Silence"; and Mando Diao's "Aelita" at #6.

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