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German Chart Comments - Issue Date 15.11

(There'll be no videos for the time being)  

Klingande's "Jubel" clocks up a third week on top of the German singles hitparade, proving that its climb to the summit was not an one-off. Up one, to #2, is Avicii's former chart topper "Hey Brother", while "Monster" of Eminem and Rihanna moves up four to #3 in its second week in the Top 100. It thus becomes the sixth top three single of the US rapper, who this week also makes new peaks with "Survival" (up from #32 to #20) and "Rap God" (up to #33 from #44). Oh, and Eminem also managed to crown the album chart with a splash. 

At #7 "Timber" of Pitbull, with the help of Ke$ha rises six positions to be marked as Pitbull's sixth top ten single in Germany as a lead artist. 

Worldwide phenomenal "Royals" of Lorde has finally reached the top ten in Germany and this week edges up two to #9.

As it is the trend these days (look at Eminem, Gaga, Bieber), Adel Tawil has released a new single a week after his "Lieder" entered at #2 (this week down to #6). However, the new "
Aschenflug", which features Sido and Prinz Pi and appears at #18 this week, looks to be a proper single, with a video and promotion, so well done for him. And, though, I really like the track, I still think that it sounds a lot like "Vom selben Stern", one of Ich + Ich biggest hits, which makes me wonder why Adel needed this solo career at all...

Speaking of Gaga, the Lady has (of course) a new song in the top 100. This time, it is "Dope" at #34.

At #35 it is interesting to observe how US star Drake slowly but steadily is making "Hold On, We're Going Home" his first ever hit in Germany. The song moves up four.

Germany was one of the few countries where the superstar status of Robbie Williams was unharmed with every pilot single from his albums since 2001 reaching the top three. Now, however, though "Go Gentle" marks the release of "Swing Both Ways", it stumbles at #40. Robbie was last in the Top 100 with "Different", which reached #31 last year.

And last for the top 50, we have a serious question - which is the current single of Rihanna? Is it "Pour It Up", which is on heavy rotation on the "music" channels, or is it "What Is Now", which has had no video until today? Yes, apparently it is the latter, which soars from #84 to #49.

And the other new entries this week:

53. Olli Schulz & Bernd Begemann - Du Bist Verhaftet Wegen Sexy
61. Damien Rice - 9 Crimes
63. Madeline Juno - Error
66. Justin Bieber - Bad Day
78. Britney Spears - Perfume
80. Celine Dion - Loved Me Back To Life
83. London Grammar - Strong
86. Katy Perry - Unconditionally

The Album Chart

Following two #2 albums Eminem has his fourth #1 album in Germany with "The Marshall Mathers LP 2". In 2000 the first "The Marshall Mathers LP" reached #3. Helene Fischer is still at #2, promising to stay in the top three forever with "Farbenspiel", while Fettes Brot's "3 Is Ne Party" enters at #3. The LP thus manages to repeat the peak of Fettes Brot best performing album so far - "Strom und Drang" from 2008. Also new in the top 10 is the third album of German rapper Summer Cem as "Babas Barbies & Bargeld" lands at #5, while Celine Dion's "Loved Me Back To Life" arrives at #10.

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