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German Chart Comments - Issue Date 10.05

The power of advertising and especially of a radio-friendly hit should never be underestimated as Germany has a new number one in the singles chart in the face of US duo Capital Cities. "Safe and Sound", which is used as a soundtrack for the latest Vodafone ad, rises six positions and takes the crown. Three years ago We Are The People's "Waling On A Dream", which was as well used by the same firm for popularising its products, also hit the number one spot.  

Thus, Pink and Nate Ruess' "Just Give Me A Reason" slips one to two, while Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' "Can't Hold Us" is also down one to #3.
Video - Pink
Video - Macklemore

The highest new entry this week can be found at #9 coming from local pop/electro duo  Glasperlenspiel. "Nie vergessen" is the pilot track from their "Grenzenlos" album and matches the #9 peak of "Echt" from 2011. It's always good to see quality German music in the upper reaches of the countdown. 

At #24, up from #36, the official release of "Play Hard" of David Guetta, Ne-Yo and Akon is currently gaining in momentum, while the second new entry lands at #26. Last week we had TV host Olli Schulz entering the chart at #29, now we witness radio comedy series Frühstück bei Stefanie, with the help of Udo Martens, scoring a chart hit with the title "Summerfeeling pur (Ich bin bräuner wie du!)".
Video - David Guetta 
Audio - Udo Martens 

The chart career of Robin Thicke dates back from 2002. Unfortunately this is also the year when the US singer had until now his only single in Germany's Top 100 with "When I Get You Alone" peaking at #55. Now, 11 years later, Robin is on his way of having his first ever hit as "Blurred Lines" shoots itself from #56 to #27 and by the looks of it is going to be huge. 

One of the biggest hits in Europe last year was Asaf Avidan's "One Day/Reckoning Song", which however was never going to be so successful without the mix of German DJ Wankelmut. Now the latter has a follow-up single entering at #33. "My Head Is A Jungle", heavily used by music channel VIVA for its ad blocks, comes with the support of Emma Louise.

And finally Jam & Spoon, on whose account I can attribute one of my favourites dance tracks from the past, have released a new version of their biggest hit - the 1994 classic "Right In The Night", which peaked at (the rather low) #6 first time around. With the help of original singer Plavka and freshly remixed by David May and Amfree (Mark Spoon sadly died in 2006), the 2013 version enters at #38. 

And the other new entries this week:  

54. Michael Wendler feat. Anika - Honey Kiss 
70. Moses Pelham - Wenn der Schmerz nachlässt
72. Ryan Sheridan - Jigsaw
99. Armin van Buuren feat. Trevor Guthrie - This Is What It Feels Like

The Album Chart  

In the album chart Deep Purple score their sixth #1 studio album with "Now What?!". Last the legendary rockers were at the summit in 1987 with "The House of Blue Light". Finnish band HIM may lack any hit singles lately but their latest album "Tears On Tape" becomes the seventh consecutive to reach the top 5 in Germany by entering at #2.

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