петък, 5 април 2013 г.

New in Bulgarian/German cinemas from 5.04

New in Bulgarian cinemas this week:

The Color of the Chameleon - Bulgaria

The Host

Olympus Has Fallen

New in German cinemas this week:

Beautiful Creatures
(BG Status - Released thanks to Forum Film in February)

Dead Man Down
(BG Status - Released thanks to Tandem in March)

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
(BG Status - Not to be released thanks to Alexandra. Steve Carrel and Jim Carrey are not popular enough, obviously)

En fiende att dö för/An Enemy To Die For - Sweden/Germany/Norway

Un heureux événement/A Happy Event - France

Indian Dreams - Austria/India - Documentary

Sadako 3D - Japan

Oslo, 31. August - Norway

Zimmer 205 - Germany

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